They did these things with their.. many of minds. They even tried about being STEVENS with all these

Party happy people of purely PRIORITISED sensationalism. We were blissfully aware as to the state of —->> our stay-awhile minds, and even if

“She didn’t want to be near him anyMORE than he… her… it is still giddyish to think of these people as

Purely idiosyncratic.” Even more so GIddyIsH to’ve broken ducks in a row with SoCieTy(.) And w-h-y weren’t we all invited to the kneesUP of the week but p-u-r-e-l-y probably because…

“What we caused ourselves to’ve done was to’ve ended their SHIP-LOCKED sentences, actually, as they stARTED at this brand new

SEAl —> > O f AppRovAl.” And as for their favourite meal of the day(?) SENSATIONALISM