Batten down the hatches and bring with you your tainted paintbrushes along for the ride of a lifetime, and other ill-fitted stuffs, for this is about to blatantly become.. outright disproportionately enrapturing yet again . Packs of angered and panic-stricken Marlboro Lights mashed and smeared (neatly) back together again and other equipment’s of ill-purchased permanency . (Sniffs and sneers) at a sense of inactive and dislocated … bliss
Definitely alcohol-reupholstered this time and it leads profusely toward
Her unashamed sense of sickening membrane . Advantageously garrulous, perhaps 
And all sense of simultaneously systematic upheaval is s-t-a-r-t-i-n-g to feel eerily real, albeit equally well pained (and painted) into (shadow-casting) procedure : A forlorn and ill-tempered identification of bruised and shattered versions of far better people, ” — dearest deathly enthusiasts, pl-ease: Take your mightily angular and abstract re-positioning’s at the firing-wall of evil ! “
As one artist stands deceptively tall whilst another ten-thousand others falter to a miserly halt
Still injured, still beaten… st=ill bloodied and barely getting to believe
In ever become something beautiful again .



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