Got given a couple of poems by a couple of people
Wanted to know what I thought
Truth is I thought they were good but who am I to tell them if they have what it takes
Whether or not how their minds work can go about causing the literary world to quake
See everyone can write, just some not too well
You know what I mean
See half of the time I do wonder what it is that has me so keen
I love writing but I hate to read
That can’t be right, can it?!
Surely I have to turn that on its head, well and truly put it to bed
Those people, what sets them apart from the rest?
One a handsome man, the other the smoothest talker in the world with jaw-dropping breasts
Hard to know for sure
Do they stay pure, keep their fabulous heads in the sand
Or be prepared to manufacture the life outta it
This whole time trying to write the perfect word in order to one day break it really is the pits