Downright horrendously horrified
Enough smokes to keep these monsters only relatively at bay
Just. About.
Ain’t no slaying this
Then, so much as one silenced whisper – for me a shout – and it’s right back inside my carefree playpen
Mind coiling
Reeling without ever really getting to see it
This the constant harassment all owing to my particular label – namely schizophrenia
Weened myself away from those ghosts too many years in total to ever truly count
Doting my 5-month old baby ’til, when we least expect it… You. Have. Me. All. Over. Again.
Seems what will be will most certainly be
COME AWAY WITH ME… Never asks so much as begs
Inviting along my every last single dreg
Course I never, ever asked for any of this, a God-forsaken witch-hunt like no other
It took my brother all of the way to his grave
And, now, I am forced to brave the very same string of events
Some of them want to use you, some of them want to be abused by you
Screw all of these hospital visits which have caused me to travail through so much ferociously clawed pain it is almost impossible to explain
Almost, but not quite
I may as well live right here for the remainder of my time
Could they go so far as to be so very kind…
Won’t really matter either way for his fear nestled on up inside of me has been my home address far too long

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