It was a relentless and listlessly obvious and impressionistic pursuit of, during it all.. suiting themSELVESYetAgain. There’s a wishing-well inside of their tear-laden eyes and we cannot but

… let them decideDostoyevskian for themselves… “to prepare their eyes and minds JUST so VERYwell.”

And even thoughThe need to know had ultimatelyBecome.. at one(!!) “They’ll still shut-TIGHT(!!) their WIDE-ALIVE minds

And make it gently to the otherside of
Suggestive intelligence.” And even when… the noise and crashing’s of thunderous PreReApproval doesn’t make anyLESS sense of itself—

They will still// take their best breaths and threaten us all

To a brand new swan-song—-. That is called:: incredible Resilience in TheFace Of MentalAmbivalence —- “these people were born withSilverSpoons In Their Souls.”