They do indeed appear utterly impossibly uNiqUe and they DO ACTUALLY seem

To have altered.. everyTHING, actually; EVEN having brOUGHT their weight-of-mInD back to THAT purposeFULLY placid, a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y, place… … of prioritised pACE.
What they wish to do IS to cReAte an incredible state of UPPER-WARD bliss;

this is the best and MOST face-first AND -focus endeavOUR OF THEIRS and sumptuously set to rHyThMiCaLlY REMAIN: met, matched AND treaSUREd(!)

It’s… been… playing UPon HIS added bonUS of an aDDlED mind yet aGAIN and it ISN’T even EVER all of that BAD a thing.

Anymore. Although, we will NEED to adulate and physicALLy AdOrE

The other person’s sense of peripheral distancing AND other u-T-t-E-r-L-y enthUSiasTIC and ALTRUISTIC states of starryMINDED(!!) underSTANDING.

As ALL OF IT has been… beyond the explicABLE point of
Brilliance And We Just MUST… courageoUSly MUSTER our time(of-mind) together aGAIN..

Witness the pain fall away
From… their… favourite fACES. Again…