They probably perchance had called all of the AUL shots as particularly accepted. They even drained their own dreams DramatiCaLlY dry by the eye

Of yet one other enthusiasTIC anomaly of playful people, who seem.. previously prepared to stare down

That HarassingBarrel of a LOWlying gun— and with Gin in their minds and A toxic tonic of treachery about to take PROCEDURALplace, “we shall not let them PASS-again.”

No way(!! ..)
Making lives difficult seems like their favourite best miserableMISTAKE, actually. And we(?) Well.. “we are bordering on the brINK of having been

Brought to HEEL.” It isn’t easy to be:: caringtoCATER for a thousand other person’s brittle little BIGbaaaadDreams.
Even if::: “it feels fleetinglyReal.”