All round these pretty little places a stone-cold, none-to-sober man stands with his red right hand neatly criss-crossed at the bend of the unashamedly argumentative break – only she should fully know quite what his mind might have just travailed.. this particular time, as a halo of infringement people pass and poisonously promise that they dastardly can… call to alarm and cause their together-memories to distance themselves and d-a-n-c-e

In hand. And with his Irish-wide-smile – the same sane one with the make-believe sanity emblazoned neatly upon – shall he let her know that they can, and will
Come together again “and with our rosy red cheeks put in comfortable place by way of placebo effect adultery”

Because, Baby! Effectively, we are nothin’ but a purchased pair of crowd-pleasing people. And those simply cannot be left to riotously remain the dirtiest known words in that damn delectable dictionary

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