They are purely highly stRUNG individuals and beginning to start to SING: it from a different hymn sheet enTIREly !!

That pACE-in=point of paradise & ARTificially emblazoned upon their kaleidoscopical and unASHAMEDLY shady& faded fACES!

As all angle of amoroUS p-l-a-g-i-a-r-i-s-m will begin to wonderFULLY SIN for its Whole-Wide-Worth……. ….

To hurt the shade-both-shAPE of the BEST shadow-casting page IS… to riotously/both/righteously wAGE…

a most homogenous war with prefabricated and PRETTY, FEINTing PAINT..

Indeed, this ((sIMPLY)) AIN’T jUSt such an easy thing to ((evenly)) particularly portray—-

As, SOME TIMES it CAN, and w(I’LL)… take purely utter drivel of driven process and pofaced procedure

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