Shock-absorbed by it all – unfruitful and utterly unaware

The blasphemed hidden entity, yet he sees no less reinvigorated

Soon as just one such juvenile mind catches kite and agonisingly reconfigures itself

All angular eyes arisen upon him again – and this deeply depressed poetic entitlement breathes fair easy

Seems so it seems to be – remarkably, radically, a recklessly conscientious thing of bare-boned imprisonment

Whereby/wherein he searches like crazy … to find a key to the rhythmic meaning …

Of a hidden and vilified life, whereby/wherein knife-edge pledged devoted allegiance … and his rambling thumb and forebidding forefinger feels each and every next grievance

Remember this above all else and, please, let it be eagle-eye intensified – that the passion need never be pardoned

And that the faint of heart need not apply

That you are a living, seething cliché for one sole reason and one reason only – to bleed by the unabridged spill, to kill yesteryear’s polysyllabic fear

Welcome to the limitless life, my friend

We’ve been waiting with bells decorated lavishly upon and your goal is unquenchably strong

Now take my hand and prepare to distance yourself… til the end of everything makes upside-down sense again, just like you wished for it to be

From. The. Beginning.

Your petrol is pretty – built to survive