They’ll always be remembered
By their families and friends
At least
6 million Jews in all
The left over shoes
From the bodies to be
Made up a mountain
All of their own
Hard to understand
The terror they went through
Impossible in fact
But I met a man once
He died a few years ago
But his story was
Better told than any movie
Could do
They left the chamber door ajar
By mistake
He ran through the naked night
‘Til he was met by a fence
A hundred foot tall
But a guard’s dog had
Burrowed his way through
Probably looking for food
The two of them were playing that game
He made sure no-one was looking
And did some burrowing
Of his own
‘Til he came out
The other side
His bits were frozen solid
But the adrenaline
Kept him going
‘Til he made it as far as
The next town over
Where he saw more guards
Barely sober
His family perished that same day
And he lived the rest of his life
In the most simplistic way
Ran a sweet shop
Served the good people of his town
‘Til he died on the 28th of February 2009
He died without the anticipated frown
Guards looked to place on his face