Constantly courteous, vivaciously vilified by knife, the girl who sets herself on fire knows not a bound in the world

Riptorn and wonderfully uncomfortable individual with an intent to invest and listen to the softening sounds of the whistling undergrounds – weapons of reactionary destruction, the movement is simply otherworldly radiant

And we simply do forget to hear her soon as she matters more than anything else – all angular eyes rightly arisen

She appears to paint her very own kaleidoscopic prison, so it seems and seeks a way out from the sickly underneath – above the glistening and thirsty surface of her pulsating being, wherein there thanklessly lies a mighty kind of undulating eye-soar

About to heavenly pour to restore what’s undeniably hostile albeit relatively rectified by all of these hidden ordeals

A place in history, please…

She’s a mammoth girl of reckless reckoning and carries with her time again an absolute audacity which snakes and quakes to breathe like wildfire

Looking to impress only herself, there really was no-one else