“Break these borders, please… We’ve been waiting with eyes wide open to retell a most upside wayward story
Of Bandon town
Painstakingly historicalised and still stood remarkably upright and proper
An industrialised town wherein the working-class people have matter-of-factual-fact become our zeros to proud, proud heroes
We absolutely do mean to make to create the difference meanderingly within, and a behemoth does river runs right through it… …
A stones throw up over and far-away a-yonder, these fabricated from necessary behavior walls where settled people feel the strictly spoken of emotion captured by all
Yes! The vision is simply impeccable!
And a sleeping giant breathes heavily inundated amidst
So you do whisper to oneself and know it.
And we stand by aforementioned history either way forth
Informally formal, perhaps… …
Perchance, might they reinvest in our gaining nature?
Where every thing means folklore-told EVERYTHING.
Brewing, tanning, distilling… corn and cotton… concentrated milling
A thrill to behold this particular locality’s modern day miracle
And you will need to find yourselves to be inescapably devoted to this established “Gateway to West Cork” – Heads up!! S-l-o-w down… … and ‘drown’ our past sorrows and embed yourselves in a brand new future
These stars have been spectacularly tapestried so as to capture your conscience
Please let it flow to the supportive core – What Richard Boyle 1st Earl of Cork would have wished for whilst his homeland partook in a fight to hold close to its beating stop/start heart again what is utterly theirs – yearningly, rather suddenly, ours – And FOREVER rightfully so
These re-enactments – borrowed, learned, listened to and gloriously shown before us all… WILL reinvigorate one whole town’s natural-born ability to see what is undeniably, truthfully, beautiful
This is Bandon, war-torn warts-n-all
Climb these reminiscing walls and scream it from the tips of your pressed lips