There she was
Basking in rather immaculate diversity
Then, there was me, of course – chomping at the crazed bit
Prepared to steal her every last heart
‘Til we couldn’t but remain intertwined to a real point of blindingly accurate portrayal, snail-pace for now
Then, and only then, there were the drug mules all of their own dwindling accord
These fools, they were utterly unable to take any kind of a step on up in the correct direction
Even so little as baby-steps might’ve been nice
She stood in kind by a rather summoning corner – the prettiest window-sill fixture to date
‘Til I finally took it upon myself to approach, coked out of my brain
Why not tame the beast for a bit, broach this particular subject?
Waxing ‘n’ waning, constantly straining just to keep up!
Next, she placed an intrepidly manicured hand upon my quivering shoulder
And asked me to breathe…

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