But Rosario Embecile et Luke Gentille really were second-to-none
She – pacing the place all the night long
He – teetering upon something of a seriously unrequited sex storm
Warm your goddamn cockles some place else, jet-setter!
An altogether atrocious waste of time on his eager part in this very instance
Please, please… PLEASE!!
No such time for this particular monstrosity
For twas all about the money in her fairytaled case
Just enough to fly on back to France and she’d flee this all too eerie dungeon of sorts
He really was a rather lonesome nobody – forever chained to his own extremely peculiar ways
Putting paid to everything
He’d had a wife, only she’d left him for a life of far less strife, far more eroticism
Her own perfectly orchestrated prison
Where this one now longs to go
Christ, owing to these two utter rare peculiarities this poem may never get to grow a pair of legs all of its own

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