Sterner tests shall momentarily anticipate relentless levels of high-pitched folly and foible – when man’s intricate left arm meets with an immaculate left hand and an innermost convenient trust both impending truth envelopes us both sentimentally still. A strain both bolstering strength has been set knife-edge against its heavenly self – when the pure, raw and purring pace of his racing, pulsating, puffed-up pen gathers this eerily inanimate ability to unanimously re-animate and bring… itself to a fervent plain of guaranteeing reapproval. To force both ferociously feed itself dutifully amidst this, his merely eager both altering ego of consummate and professional intricacy

As a pen runs right the way through the guts of his shape-shifting, nerve-dangling frame – pretty in any ‘neutral’ colour that can cause a mark of momentous respect given, to these chosen people ..
Who do indeed bleed to read; the weight of the wickerword page pressed affably against their stop-start heARTS again – translucently salutary

Dutiful and beautiful and that dance shall ballad and proceed till his bleeding feet are twisted hellish again against
TheSurface ofthenurturing bothworshippingSun

His ego back to beyond this cloak and dagger existence. And still motherfucking waving himself away from all real people – secretively.

And if they really knew what his hand was worth between the bridge of the ridge of the pen, thumb and settling forefinger, then they wouldn’t need to wish anymore for their words to work – visionarily restored via critical self-acclaim met with encyclopedic approval, please!