Bantry’s one hell of a place, doesn’t help one bit that where you hail from, your hometown is oh so tragic
Sorry, but the people are pretty great, just magic, more to do with a lack of community, a dreary location, not a destination where people might like to go
Don’t anticipate too much
Seems we were that little bit too late
Bantry has that ‘je ne sais quoi’, *** **** nothing but a dullard’s life about it
Two days away and I already want out, from fine restaurants to easy-going people, no doubt I’ll be giving my friend Lorna who hails from Bantry a shout before too long
I know a lot of people, people mainly from *** **** will believe me to be frightfully wrong, not to mention letting my hometown down, but that’s just it, shouldn’t we be taking a little piece from each and every other town that surrounds?
A cry for help for sure, but my God, how pure Bantry is, an all too deserving round of applause for how it works
Exciting, and as well as that it owns all the right kinds of quirks
Spent time by the ocean, poetry in motion all of its own accord, got to enjoy a proper glass of white wine – one was enough – the day didn’t pull, make it rather tough for you to get through
I guess it all depends upon the luck of the draw, whether or not your town is the one which gets the short straw
*** ****  got that a long time ago and now all it can do is try and hold its head relatively high, attempt as it might to replicate towns like this in creating a buzz, building a new face, go with a far more inviting flow