They’ve been creating something from precisely previously nothing and we were sitting with them, exacting our actually UnConTrOllAble revenge; a vengeful state of

Hahahahaha-dread on our own mean andEAGER(!) parts, perhaps. “Our adolescent-hearts just were not in it anymore ..

To distantly abhor.” Just how far they
All fell— like fledglings at life and unable to READ between these EVER-SO logical lines-/
Layabout? Truthfully.. absolutely, “andYET(..)”

They were able to fearFULLY steer themselves lukewarm—-to—->>clear-/ listening for… … that surefire ELEMENT of

Incremental-bliss, indeed. “These are the ways and dazed ol’ days of Fleetingly UpsideDown and mind-bending behaviour.” But we need(!!) to h-a-v-e to WANT(!!!) to UnderSTAND oneThing:: “they’ve been

to the point of extended discomfort and it’s been…” building theBlocks Inside of theirMINDS tilBrought.. imaginatively
backtoLife:: “only twice as mighty.” They’ve been to SEE THE SITES.. of a thousand dead and buried

ruminations . And what if we told you this: “that they had a million ways to see

The EXACT SAME SCHISM OF thing.” Like ESTABLISHING AND silencing.. a Wildfire Inside Of Their WATERSOAKED Mind.