Smoothest sweetening separation/segregation knows its own differential place – dishevelled, thirst-laden make-up face extracurricularly filled with a featureful portrayal
Plays itself into another such precious portal suddenly becomes all sorts of serendipitous for its whole wide-eyed, revelatory worth – here she still sits still with her embedded flotilla redheadcurls nestled til remarkably well entwined, forever inclined.. .. … to rope, rope ROPE him
Right the way immediatelybackintoher very next favourite best entertainment realm – r-e-a-l and welcome yet this ain’t no f**king Rapunzel tail
Basically, she’s been filling in his mind for a longtime with nosuchf**kingdiscernibleluck whatsoever
Bedding him withhistrousersonrewind every single f**king time – wine -n- whisky bedippin’like crystal

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