The alcohol is pretty and the birds are nestled all by themselves like nothing else before
Pass me the warm Heineken bottle, please
Grit your teeth knuwingly and tuck on in
For seems we are in this for the long haul one way or another
You drew the short straw – namely me
This is going to be an overwhelming masterpiece nonetheless
Try and tie your hair in a ribbon and resolutely remain right here, steer your eyes all kinds of ravenous insane if needs be
The anecdotes have been waiting, so you do know
High-wired, looking to catch all kinds of regrettable fire
Above all else savour the downright concocted flavour placed instrumentally before you
Pick at your strewn out cuticles all you might like, so you see I’ve been and dealt with far more nervous ladies in all of my bespoke life
The kinds which cannot, just will not attempt to stitch a steady sentence together
Incredibly relentless, grief-stricken owed to compulsory past and now as well as that present decisions
Trust us, we’ll weather this Gran Canaries storm ’til our hearts are warm and our faces perfectly dishevelled
I’m the bed-hopper extraordinaire, snared you right from the onset
Your friends are waiting in these strung-out wings, but I’ve thinned their route, truth told there ain’t no saving what is meant to be

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