They were has-beens and, if we like, utter also-rans, Too, that cannot {but} understand. / how to step inside of a delight-fuelled life

They’ve been yellow-bellied and yelling into another vaguely interested person’s DISinterested ear again. It’s been coming-at-them and going… with

Its own state of… alarming electrification(!!) Where is the offBUTTON to this particular thing but right inside of her

Have-a-heart and BARBwiRe mInD. “We were speaking Mile-a-Minute into the microphone and acting proper+and+prONE to

Letting ourselves divulge and go: without thinking today.” If anyone eLsE has to understand the rules of utter~OCD and other muted and upside_down dIsOrDerS (and at a DEAFENING distance) then they’ll {pretty much} have to

••• trust in everything that they have had to say: “from the end to the stART… to the utter ending of INESCAPABLE entitlement.”