Been feeling all of these things – one at a time
So sumptuous it’s almost otherworldly
Very nearly failed to cross my t’s and dot my i’s but I did indeed
And they do still breathe like nothing you may have ever seen or heard before
Been thinking about next to nothing, silently, succinctly coaxing and slowly bringing everything to my octogenarian table
Am I still able, damn right I am!!
When my accountant ran away from herself with all of my earnings once upon a never-ending debacle
Spurned a friendship coated oh so deep in the supposed devoted memory, nonetheless handed me an an outright ability to continue on – a feather in my cap, willing to fold my crusty ol’ legs, lean on over and charm you all into one final crazed submission
The ammunition never so truthful
I still drink my orange peel tea courtesy of one Suzanne, whilst you get altogether messy
I’m sober, notoriously so, eyeing you in these ramshackled wings
A smirk to let all of you know I own this
And then the lights come down…

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