Born to cut flavour against the grain of a majestically sitting upright and swollen-faced canvas
It has to mean something fair preciously kept both close and exceptionally personal for this living, seething, upstart-whipsmart artist
In serendipitous sedation … indeed, downbeat inescapable and she insistently breathes by the bucketload of fuller painterly procedure
So soon as when … They get to fantastically-both-fanatically becoming an unofficial dreamer’s favourite-best
Posthumous wish to inevitably-both-inexcusably beholden to themselves
And, for a sadly, daftly awry, waywardly inexpressive century or ten this maniacal, left-of-field multiplication is rather altogether off – So fiercely faltered and cutting soft against the brain’s ultimately ulterior aside untimely touch
Just must … … Make itself bother to matter again
Alone and lonely
If only, if only … She sits with-in a million-peoples-perfectly-perched-heartstrings
Fastened neatly-both-carefree immediately right by
Her swirling, whirling shoulders of Many-a-magnificently-made-up-individual
And reading-both-ready to borrow and break
Artificially succinct boulders and go…
Where ever she wishes, though?!

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