A polar opposite fix are the absolute pair of them
Albeit equally delicious in their very own manner, nonetheless
Two entirely different kinds of afflictions altogether
Separated by lust and a relative wanton demise
No such disguising that
Never. Ever.
Mind-blowingly, -bogglingly destroyed
They toyed far too much, so very out of touch right now
Arms tightened to a drip, stripped of their everything
Winning an absolute thing of the past
Oh so very distant
Then, right back on over to the utterly insatiable blast to the heart brought about by the aforementioned
Namely sex
A hex, no, not so much
Nevertheless, a crazy thirst going on all across the world
Seems a beautiful woman can, in fact, destroy you too
Oh so equally, just perhaps not so direly by the very end
Either way, ’tis a surefire bet you’re putting yourself up for rent

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