A pretty kind of a pandemonium has Amanda
The air up there – somewhere, someplace, specifically undiluted at that = and their minds are all awhile radiant aside waiting to be
Released again, soon as she drops her kind kind negligee, please…
Some might say: “My, oh why…?”
This is our July Girl unyielding til suitably unwinded
Subtle subtle pen – poised, posed and readily awaiting. Ink instillation and it feels complicatedly real. Have we really seen the greatest showpiece on Earth – hardly, so it seems undeniably creative at being deceptively exciting while inviting all of us all of the way back in between the tail of the meandering curb-line.
This is where he will sit – with his wits and fighting fists for cradled company, pledging allegiance to momentary merriment in deserving, all of it. A hopscotched literary entitlement of his very own, maniacally aware and imperfectly accustomed to this… sizeable thing.
‘Tis a thinker’s market, don’tcha think?
And off to the forest they go with themselves, eyes in the back of their heads – to lose their minds and find their souls.