Unjustifiable – these least suspected individuals who shall stay stern yet starry-eyed by kaleidoscopic nature

Just … Remarkable

These unnatural transatlantic bombs have been blasting and all by themselves
And all of it sickeningly, decidedly, haphazardly splayed all over these widespread, sentimental and geographically estranged cities most exceptional hiding places

And the air tends to taste a little indented upon there

A little tad bit … misshapen, altogether misleading, perhaps?

No lapse, and the uncomfortable concentration sets itself to soar aside run and roam for makeshift cover to far safer havens – we do tend to blame the lesser, stress-filled individual for threatening our imperfectly predisposed lives

To sullenly shrink within oneself … and to think that this could, and should have absolutely all of it been inevitably side-stepped

Prepped for the fall – London Tower has been caught by the bridge of its blue collared awareness, has been screaming : deathly reeling and fierce-some within and we. sickeningly. get. to. feel. it

When ever will our tickly thinking warlords with their thumping, blood-arisen chests cease and finally, bravely relinquish, inevitably release their demonic mannerisms : please, simply say that your despairing aside eerily despondent nature has far greater ways to create happiness going forth forward minus paralysing

Our concerned and treacherously twisted eyes atop deceptively vacuous minds

Find, the, time. And make it all make some kind of settled sense again, again…

A settled gain in human nature, because, my bemused and utterly enthused nemesis, stranger things are failing to happen right this minute

The map of the whole wide and circular world has been turning and burning itself by the grappling axis of the once bolstered bridges of its steady being and we just cannot seem to find the off-button anymore – please, say it is so, say that you can restore our typically gaining nature

Rewrite the scripture, repaint our favourite picture …