We were possibly most probably welterweight criminals for the FECKsake feeling of acting — absolute and oblivious and invariably mixed up with the whole snide sense of lacking (in)Justice
/ and they SEEM TO STILL need us to actually wonder:: “why the effing hell on earth we were feeling as if stiffed

Within a strait jacket of panic-laden sorts.” And this is WHY(?) but because

These people were acting like magnified NeanderthalsEveryOTHER minute (and FARRRRRRR lesser versions of themselves) and e-v-e-r since// everything came down a ring-a-BLUECOTTON-bell rung-too-Far

“to fall
ANY further.”

There’s this sense, too, of utter inJUSTI€E at the State of an irreparably lOpSiDed fate..
Far reeeeeaching, indeed; and Unbroken to remain.. “ahead of themselves, and afraid of everyone else.” When we think a little bit less.. Of ourselves. That is when —

“Our words did tend to electrify ANDdigress.”