What if… when… “then we did not need the necessary feelings anymore to ESTABLISH AND know… exactly how she unexpectedly unENTITLES her SELF yet again.” She’s over-it-all and completely causing-US-ALL

A level of cutthroat Commotion only she could ever manage at emoting. “We were pile-driven pEoPlE into the surface of one sureFIRE sun

And asking for Impending, maybe, escapism, please(!)” It’s a torpedo-like Affair: “a tortoise and a hare who WILL ————> sprint to the hilt AND IN EQUAL MEASUREMENT and make…

EnvioUS inroads anyway.” They don’t LIKE thinking of their own very level of aforesaid cutThroat_DesigN when we’ve all OF US been COMMON AND CRYING—

When it ain’t too easy to smash our ComBinEd minds inside of an automatic bind while they set themselves down yet AGAIN to dry

Acrimonious eyes. There were endless endings to the paralysing stories that we told ___ and we absolutely DID ADjust-OurSelVes-to-abhor just how much of US lost our sense of SQUARE-EYED awareness for the sake of
Flaking-out again and LOSING OUR SO-FAR-SOPHISTICATED heads… … only to find —-

That proper-lEvel of utmost alternatively set Determination and BY: “ITS OWN DESIGN.”

“Besides… what WERE our internal demonstrations ever even supposed to POSE A THREAT TO and mean(?)” That it’s all of it been

A seriously smitten case of forever falling
In~love with our beloved aforesaid brains again? They won’t really like how it feels to be easily left alONE and led ___ to the edges of neglected

Misunderstandings. Even if, there IS just… … something in us which still screams – “for that place of purest reckoning, plEASE!”