Something better, something unreliably rearranged – and the women take themselves as far off as the men who stand

Desirably reliable and attired to the bone of beneficially standing straight beings

This will have to understand itself, thankfully and also so very finely – finally

Gradually they go hand in had hand and dance like the thistled universe was watching it all fall into firesome flame

The rain of interloping pain, pl-ease bring it back to me immediately

When it had itself an unofficial asphyxiation again – when the pace of the literary brain outruns the relay happening blissfully, red-ribboned all around them, till shaping the whole kaleidoscopic scope of their posthumous – none too humorous – souls

If only he were able to slow it down to a sudden and thankfully succinct murmur again, only there are no real stories in here but for the ones which they fixate and recklessly, riotously recreate within the scheming nature and whispering shape of their very own wanderlust brains

Bleeding to read it – even when he fails