Hello… BRIAN
This is Mrs. Rowntree AGAIN
You need to take this whole thing
A little more seriously
If it is in fact
That you want a book deal
I do
Of course I do
Then will you think about our offer
It’s a damn fine offer
I know it is
I spoke to my father
The real Mr. O’ Driscoll
And he thinks it’s
A good idea
I’m so glad to hear that
Can you come up to Dublin
So we can talk this through
When will you have me
Whenever suits
Say tomorrow
I can get the train up
Knowing you
You’ll write a poem about
Your train trip
Who knows
Might even call it ‘The Train Trip’
You do that
But be sure to wear
A suit
Because you need to look smart
For the owners
I always look smart
Look, let’s not
Get into that now
So, we have you
You do indeed Mrs. Rowntree
And one more thing
Will you try to
Leave your anxiety at home
Excuse me
Well I have it on good authority
That you suffer from anxiety
Something like that
But I can’t just
Leave it at home
It doesn’t work like that
I understand
But please do try
I’ve been trying for the better part of
A decade
Then you know
What to do
Yes, I think I do
Give the train trip
A miss
Please, Mr. O’ Driscoll
Don’t call me Mr. O’ Driscoll
Don’t call me Brian
In fact
Please don’t call me