People with turn-of-thorn thrown in their side. Adrift and mercilessly placed amidst

This walkway world of horses-for-courses people, who will ONLY EVER admit to themselves to have been… a dress-rehearsal in overemotional efficacy!

A plain downright insightful man with FiGhTiNg fists for fingers, and a, SHALL WE ALL SAY IT, rather RaRe and realistic girl –

Whose been captured and catapultedAgainst the s-t-r-e-t-c-h, strength and SkEtCh of this.. Ahem, perfectly imperfect world of ours: Indeed, they appear to have ALWAYS been a rather persnickety pair of Parcel-Wrapped individuals, albeit NEVER quiet… QUIET ENOUGH when pushed enthusiastically together again!

There they will sit
-within the darkening recesses of these back-alley pubs
With their magnified minds momentarily pArAlYsEd, their vividly expressive eyes honestly asking —- for that Sense of juxtaposed s-i-l-e-n-c-e to PROfessionally proceed

As their happiness dives…
within the darkening recesses of a pint of balanced equilibrium, MADE TO MAKE YOU THINK times a million wherein,

an average-mind can, IN-FACT, turn itself courageously toward…

A sense of, Ahem… self/AdJuStEd GeNiUs?!

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