Imaginative creativity held henceforth constantly captive – how’s about that for a failing at giving your greatest?
This guy carries with him a far-reaching violence aside contrived and concentrated happiness

This lugubrious lament – meant to be penetratingly sensational whenever these tremendously trusty, talented, topsy-turvy, upside-down sentiments of his which begin to make roundabout sense shall playfully place themselves strenuously, fair theatrically before us all again

As he feels every single next piece of his supportive soul vehemently attempt to reembark upon the last great stepping-stone – perfectly poised and learnedly, dominantly prone
To bring it all of the way back from what is enthusiastically lacklustre and immediately forward toward downright sprightly aside brazenly suggestive – soon as he starts at losing his hellish shell again

He is the one man who can and absolutely shall tend toward helping the creator push and absolutely gain the colloquial hold over that tending pen – all imaginative hindsight comfortably gathering ’til mesmerisingly contending with these undeniable opportunities of theirs

To eventually bend ’til inevitably, invitingly breaking the writer’s line-of-lines back into noisy place again

These perfectly play-giarised mistakes and they are all of them his, even if his envy-laden collaborator sits in cross-fired distaste, forever failing to admit to such an agonising thing

Whenever these sins of theirs are sent to the bargaining parts of their unpardonable brains … an adolescent basement for disgraceful adultery. Somewhat of a must. The lust will win out by the nerve-ending.

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