Can’t quite get that image out of my head, lying there in that bed she looked just beautiful
Seemed to be her duty to appeal to all and sundry, something she did with so much ease, no such tease
Flowing brunette curls, a way about her, an eye out when it came to how the world works
Came a little closer, smoked a cigarette, took her hand softly, to prove I was no such threat
“I promise you, this you won’t regret”
Hard to explain just how memorable that night turned out, not one to shout it from the rooftops, rather remember each and every moment, bank it away
This is what I have to say, we didn’t really talk too much, just accepted that all this was ever going to be about was pure lust
If I meet her again I might get to know her for real, but right now, right this minute, her in that see through thong is the perfect reel of memory