Saturday. 25th November. Lads coming over for the evening and heading into Bandon later on. I’m happy. That’s all I got to say, really ❤️ There isn’t really a secret way to… you know, just suddenly… completely STOP THE OCD. Sure, there absolutely feels like there should be, but, nope, there isn’t. And that’s where I have to wholeheartedly trust, as I’ve said many, many, MANY times before now, myself – my mind, maybe even – instead of the brain that’s the imbalanced part in the first place owing to the OCD. I don’t have to explain what that particular thing takes, for me, for any other sufferer either, it’s just something which needs to eventually become as natural to our minds as, say, breathing. Even though it feels so far from natural, it’s inexplicable how much. And, in truth, it really does hide away an extremely large amount of your truest, free-thinking, or at least straight-thinking self from, well, feeling like itself, but I won’t stop trying to get to me with this, but what I’ve done so far to get to there has been… incomparable really. And when people, of a night-out, let’s take for an example, only ever end-up asking me: “but why are you always just yourself and happy and smart and hilarious, if you have this thing?” it can be as frustratingly heartbreaking as ever to try and explain the inexplicable to them. What, really, I can’t explain to myself other than it’s just an imbalance distorting my brain. And it’s been that way always with people. Get to me… that’s the aim, as ever 🤛