The stolen soul that continued to hover on over
Seeking something from nothing far more special
Distant albeit extremely homeward-bound
Watched a million pretty women pound these story-filled New York pavements of his
Over and over
Again and again
Heaven-sent exactly how this just needed to be
‘Til one such winters’ evening when hailstorm snow somehow, anyhow got to warming this fair city’s Rockefeller Centre
Of his each and every universe
The thirst was never so rip-roaring
She smiled, wrapping her manicured toes in lilac-pink
Clothing herself on up to the rather telling brim
Just about to let all of him in
The taste was never so very biting in their young and unforgiving lives
Surefire surprises about to unfold
When she fell on into his every being, stealing him away entirely
Ice-rink insane in all of a New York minute

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