She simply suggests one such serene way to capitalise eagerly upon this trying time of undeniably asphyxiating assembly. Namely a cat and mouse tale both tail of uttermost agonizing atrophy – that will very nearly have to have been… completely nauseating when it came to the pair’s ability to somehow see. One way back in again – a truculent attempt at finally both fully-fuksake-understanding… the other ‘person’s’ undoubtedly earmarked resilience at hand. So to speak. This is precisely manoeuvrable precision mixed ’til mightily dishevelled amidst – chaotic behavings which shall have to have been met halfway with the necessity for these fiercely ferocious aside deliriously trying times. Of foresight multiplied by a billion eager and undeniably fixated eyes = of his both hers, both of them locked both licked upon mighty mine. Set for solely significant survival both revival, perhaps!? 

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