Monsters are weak – they have nothing
But for forlorn rhapsodic emotion
Needlessly emotive aside tantalisingly paralyse-disguised
Pariahs to their very own slaughter
Curiously, usually, paramount to Daddy’s dearest daughter’s popular thorn-worn belief –  see, they made this outrageous oath of remote-controlled allegiance to cut the throat of their sliding-doors nemesis’s
Configuratively speaking, she knew nothing of you, yet he knew very little of she
Do not try and simply describe the deathly decipher between the otherside
Appear to me, appears to be, that they’ve been making endlessly reinvigorating contractual agreements with the neanderthals in range
And stranger behaviours have failed at happening … her very own personal shopper, it seems (to bleed)
Is she really a steel train of complete composure?
Have to, have to, need to know (It) … soon as the Louboutin shoe is (mistakenly) placed upon the other foot.

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