You will write amidst it all, this imbalance of unfairly antagonistic mental disorder. You know the trapdoor is a place wherein most people’s minds don’t even have the (in)ability to take them to. That’s the killer – that it’s all a totally illogical thing: The ruminating. You create because it is all that you have actually come to know what to do so as to best portray the whole thing for others. For yourself, even. You create even when you’re down on your knees – both mentally and physically. Yet, you stay standing against all of the odds, actually, and hope that it will subside. But how to subside something which has been classified as a non-curable disorder of the brain?! That is the other utter kick in the teeth, too. You look at your people and you wish to feel a part of it one-hundred percent. You even find yourself begging for their normal kinds of anxieties. Silently, of course. Because, at least their anxieties will subside. You continue on and get moments of almost-clarity. Almost never nearly caught a rabbit. But, then, you go somewhere and the crowd of people, or any number of people, somehow begins to upset your calm again and, before you know it, you are completely paralysed into ruminating and to a point of… no return. It’s a brand new mental mountain to climb for a sufferer with every single new slip. You can’t give up because… everything inside of you is screaming out for that balance 😃 You were born to be balanced. Literally.