Just for a precious and singular moment, perhaps perchance
I’ve been waiting with my mind for my very best friend – all-invested
Quite rightly paralysed by the creative inkling which panic-stricken careened

Chalk and cheese, seems livid shall oft than not breathe uneasy… here to stay the miserly distance, so it agonisingly seems to be

The case in captured point, anointed by a dullard lifestyle and cut to the corrupt core by this sacrilege knife-edge dereliction

It’s been hellish on high-water for now and the surface is but troubling itself to creatively bubble again…

And a once upon a handsome man is so suddenly soon captivated by dastardly and forced to rejig all of his best-laid plans

And a pretty girls furls her brow, turns over in her grave

Like they say, the best-laid plans of mice and men, together they shall oft than not go awfully awry