Bitten and besieged she breathes uneasy – this torn asunder girl with amalgamated frustration

And to think that they told her that she could own the world
Pure and utter hell on hot wheels, she sees something gathered and both garnered to give ultimate birth
A-g-a-i-n, a gazumped gain in negligence gone awfully awry

Cursed and lividly vilified – a snide turn of catastrophic phrase and they will chase her far, far afield til bountifully bolstered by their wandering eye of decrepit deceit

This. Is. it.
Locked imprisonment feet, shackled and shamed,
chained and dangled thanklessly

Thankfully therein lies the shape-shifting meandering key

Needlessly, indeed, she feels the unwavering pain rain down all round midst an age-old warlord century

Pounded tear-heavy clouds arisen to paramilitary proceed and arrive right by her slithering throat about to envelope and beatbox explode

And her blood starts to bubble and curdle, the boiling cauldron winks in her timid direction wherein comes the need to endlessly create – something from ceaselessly nothing

Seems she is in all of we – just a little thirstier for her whole snide worth

Still hurts like hell on hot wheels, to witness her fall from a most tasteful grace

Ashen-faced and carries with it these fearsome creatures

Swarmed to cacophony crucify and warm til scintillatingly, sinking-ly captivating the cockles of her broached being

And she appears to have been simply borrowed and cauterised both by and from her very own once upon a brilliant delinquency

Brought to dumbfound and compound by the bipolar empire of screaming white-lies

Deep I-N-S-I-D-E the demon breathes uneasy

Miserably relinquished and vanquished before it ever got to speaking to and for itself

This is the thankless and thankful task at hand, dependent upon which side of the coin you might ask

And he sits to stand – comfortable carries with it a few too many never-ending tricks up his silken sleeve

Amd breathe like your whole life relies on it… because it does, my dear Tabitha Rose