The breakdown – the hiding in-between

High-frequency people
Disturbed by an other
Great, great writers with medical records pointing towards asylums
Insane, mentally malnourished and all by themselves by way of unstable divide

Schizophrenic – completely ribbon-ended
To be
Unspeakably tethered by their own down-crawl
Cognitive impairments cradled by despair. with these loser-associations

Moments of sensational instances
Wherein the psychosis senses something calm in and of itself

The if-only’s
Thoughts atop time-stealing extremities – negative and utterly accustomed again

Extraordinary observation even when and if they both don’t feel it

Give us just one mania and forget the others, please

Discombobulating realities
No greater stigma still exists
Than a mental illness
It is huge and seriously precarious – suicidal and sitting forever on it’s own
Homegrown, a thing given to them unwillingly, unwittingly, and by their very own family
Disorders of the mind, we all have a piece of this just some far more than an other
Hard to convince people that they are ill…

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