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People with a pair of fighting fists made WITh ten fingers, and actually acting about as Mad as a jUvEnIlE Mind can get. It’s

Tethered to the reach of ripTORN and they’ve been worn out to the point of portrayable uncertainty. Cept for inside of their own minds: it’s all of it been a magnificently messed UP and magnified affair of

“Prepare yourselves to DIE.. your mighty mind RED and GREEN on ITS fabricated insides.” We are stopping what we are doing and we are definite about being the definitive version of a perfectly colour faced person. “It’s

Not meant to matter even when it may just do that thing – as they sing it inside of their hectic minds, plEASE: “let us be…

About as happy as happy can’Ve been, “for we have simply seen- the right side of life and touched its typified paradise” TimesA thousand

Sands, and that’s… just the thing with the wound up nature of the cReAtiVe brain, it will feel a level of cReatiVely quick-fired pain, and they

Do TEND to take their time from here-on-in-/ sugarcoated in UTTER ******* reSOLVE and doing the right kinds of mixed up endeavours stILL(!!!..)

It’s a pleasure, and it’s been something worth WHOLEHEARTEDLY treasuring, and it’s been… … … just about as beautifully bOnKeRs as a man’s mind can’Ve surely-both-T-R-U-L-Y imagined. Since the age of eleven

Played switcheroo games with the

Diving Bell And The Butterfly Of Life.