It takes their eyes away from its own form of prodigious awareness; awhile these fabulously HAVE-A-GO(!!) mInDs shall try

At maniacally unearthing- a suddenly so VERY submerged AND suitABLY serene sEnSe oF so-far so-VERY GoOd sOpHiStiCatEd delirium…

Rumour has it it’s ALL been pending and for all of a month of u-t-t-e-r-l-y comatose surroundings, actually(…) What they AREN’T, in-fACT

Is these pilfering pEoPle oF aforeMENTIONED PROdigioUS awareness… nestled someplACE rEsTlEsSlY and a-c-t-i-n-g

Altogether ALL OF THEM like these rather comfortably NuMb indiviDUELS—

It does seem to be that one too MANY WORDS HAVE been used, Actually.. and what we DO appear to have H-E-A-R-D for now… …

Is ALL-ABOUT that stiflingly enRAGEd AND UProarIoUs state of addLed-bonUS dElIriUm(THERE IT IS AGAIN!!) which coexisted inside of their worldly mind$.

Needless to say it, even if we JUST did: That they WILL take what is utterly-both-outrageously dIlApiDatEd and Turn it aforementioned comFORTably-both-courteoUSly toward: one mining of utterly motherfUcKinG fAnTaSticAl moment Again