More eagerly aware of the downright damnright infallible mistakes it takes to make bounceable sense just like that – shy sly insinuated Kat who cares… for the mere meagre weight of the cream, both inescapably clotted aside tremendously curdledOf a sedating line, sentence/his favourite best testing thing.. whichever, really, translatable and searingly suggested minus-the-capital-T and all of these downright dastard and bounceabout words of egotistical anomaly and nocturnal noises which ill have been imperfectly givenAn inevitable chance to earachingly dance and swoopWith the wideawake fate of the whole snide-eued(OOOOPS!!!..?) worldAbout to catch MOTHERFUCKing kite/fireeeeeeYeah!!! Sit yourselves down by my plasticized scene and miserly watch

Me make this whole encyclopaedic thing meander and sizably match-and- matter so soon as When, though?! Do your jaded, twisted, tried and terrifically tested eyes fall mercifully back in… crying-shamed line?DesireYe think I am drunk when-really- I am as sober as your coldest shoulder aboutToSmoulderBreak beneficially succinct borders yet again – Pen(ny) for your travelling both traversing thoughts, really ought-a beginTo suitablysinkNor swim, this delicate decision isAll of it

Y(O)ursWith sugar upon her soul and she shall endlessly prosper and propose