Bouncing off the goddamn walls
The words are coming, fast and fierce but heartbreakingly near to all that is wrong with my life…
Perhaps the songstress Adele got it right when she said that she might just need a wayward head about her
Seems a slur inside is never prepared to hide when it comes to what someone writes
It’s just I can no longer take too much joy away from things
The OCD, don’t watch out and I’ve an eerily unsettling feeling that it may one day agonisingly opt on coming back to haunt me
Utterly against my will
Still on those Xanax pills, etcetera, left, right and centre
if needs be give my old doctor McDonough a shout
No more time up inside of a hospital ward, please
That ungodly stint took me right down to my aching knees, a shower of power of no such use
An unfair and unasked for startling form of mental abuse
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the nurses fault either, even though they really thought they ought to have known better
Oh how I recoil time again at the loose memory of the tiny pitter-patter of their feet on the marble arch hallway
Stark reality
Four months more than enough for anyone
One girl – Nina – deciding all too haphazardly upon the get-out clause – the God awful noose
Looking, searching for all that might just be right with this world
This life we’ve somehow managed to carve for ourselves all round is slowly but surely turning out to be nothing but simply absurd
I do apologise for these rather negative words