He swallows his next breath and has to halt his tongue from joining in the heady equation – relatively trembling, for this particular place has been tantalising itself right before his very eyes
Fixated upon all that there is to suddenly get to behold to have and to nurture like crazy
These foreign isle names do mean something, whilst he’s been seemingly rather supportively sandwiched immediately in between
Thanks be to Christ…
When five concentrate-to-poetically-sedate minutes get to meaning more than any such ten-thousand hour learning curve of notorious sorts – sought it out, indeed he did
This appears to simply be his calling-card of fair deserving kinds perhaps, albeit these sumptuous surroundings shall nevertheless sit with entirely unknowing faces strained upon unnervingly strong – fail to recognise
Disguised promises hidden a million miles off in these silenced sticks – making it lavishly up as he takes once again to his wished for gargantuan travails
Finally, bleedingly, bridging the difference between they and he
He will hurt for his absolute worth so you do know
Courtesy of arguably the utmost imagined ’til terrifically induced existence on out there
Snared by all that’s too imposing to ever truly ignore – soon as these clock hands pander and dance to take alarming stock at half-past-eight, only then will he ever begin to think to call himself a real poet