By the mascarading beauty within, she silently sips atop her coffee-torn exterior, these people are seriously fleeting – fleeing – yet she knows of them all

the pretty penny fails to drop to remarkably scatterdash… amongst many a perilously lost person
Yet her thirst for the whole wide world truly holds no such bounds

Amazed by it All and carried by an insane flame flickered to flight within
Resounding, she will pound many a homeward-bound surface – the concrete pavement of her high-heeled, Lou Boutin being
Always and a treasurable forever pleasure to be right here, right about now

Amounting when amounting was the very last thing she was expected…
To do – he’s been waiting, with these heavenly gifts parcel-strapped aside her plain supreme everything

Welcome home, my Cleopatra
Can you take my hand and dance as though t’were no-one else was watching?

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