When we talk we get go courageously chalk it all down to a mesmerisingly unabashed nature – incredibly, rather mouthwateringly tapestried
Far, far stranger than any kind of multi-coloured fiction known to any such cloaked man
Here’s their dagger, dripping yet fully-equipped and waiting for outright replication on your turn-the-tables part
Well able
A guarantee for greatness, perhaps
Someone undoubtedly having to witness a shocking shame to their very own seriously anger-filled, perceptively deceived system
Who ever to blame!?
Dereliction an overwhelming thing of our fair fastidious past
Waste not want not, a sensationally instrumentalist shot to an all too garnered opposing system
Wicker-work, eyes dried right the entire way out of their own veteran accord
When immaculately streamed conversation can seemingly amount to boundless degrees of everything
Singing for our unaccustomed supper all of the honest way over

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