A free encyclopedia to all of his most narrow-minded dreams – other people, yet never in he

This hopscotched, whiskey-heaving portal to next to nowhere and it feels decidedly, deceptively, real at being
Undeniably reckless

A hiding black leather-dagger fisted safely between his red right-hand – affably estranged, he sips soon as he sneaks

B-l-o-o-d meanders to pour itself til inept at being seen
A waterfallen concoction and he is daft to the cauterised b-o-n-e

Been masterfully rekindling his misshapen dreams with exceptional e-a-s-e

Inner, inner, inner-wards toward your sorry sullen predisposed soul – he sits and stands til upright at being
An accordionated prey-pretend person, a stolen ghost who curses your lonesome, loathsome gathering storm which has all of it been calling out for everything

It does not need to be this particular way anymore than you might need for yourselves to remain eagle-eyed aside uttermost vilified – here. he. comes.
That handsome man – through. the. barriers. the reefs. these boundaries. these bare-naked, -nasty. slums of his … with a perpetrating e-v-i-l and she definitely sees it all

Had to have done
Borrowing and breaking the divide between these multi-enthused borders til

This is his ‘disappearing land’ and he will need the help of your murderess left-hand – six feet beneath creation and the grin of his sinking white teeth sees it all

Upside-down, wiped-right-the-wrong-way-out creation created from something-to-nothing to something-microscopically-inescapable again – designed and directed by his red right-hand, lose that pen and a penny for his every bare-bodied thought, p-l-e-a-s-e

Is this really the place wherein the red roses speak? They never even hear them scream

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