Silly how we seem to think that they may think – in a straight and immediate and narrowly eager line Again

That they will shyly-both-slyly profess it All

Amidst entirely lopsided gesticulation; In deed… and otherwise wholly re-introducing ourselves via merely magnificent and re-imagined pathways, please.. … nearest to a place of perfectly imperfect perfection than they can ever really seek it for themselves

Course, and curse it that there is a level of tangible vision that I cannot ever reach with my words – just not possible. Or is it?! This is the question that pushes me on, has to have done all along, ferociously fighting back against the eagerness of this always-and-forever ill-adequate word-use that comes fair fast at me. Only ill-adequate, perhaps, insofar as my imagination regards any sort of a real vision going on up inside of my mind whilst I create a story/poem-piece goes. I don’t see it as any pity, either. Why should I! I get to constantly create and on my entirely own terms a seemingly extremely unique style of scribbles. Although, it does seem to me that lately I am becoming much more acquired to certain writer’s and their styles, too. Flann O’Brien – I do not necessarily need to be worshipping at the romantic idea of this writer’s feet, and neither do I even need to think along that particular and basically mind-bugging idea of what really went on for this writer. Even if, yes, when it is all about the characters and rhythm which I create within my poetry, then it might actually be fine for me to enjoy challenging myself when pitted concerningly against any such lacking visual that I can apply to his style of word-use, whilst also ceaselessly continuing to bring my own uniquely driven style more-so to the fore. I think, once I can finally perhaps unearth the tangible visual in my own poempieces then that is maybe when I will get to go about doing the exact same with other writer’s words of work. Yes, it is definitely interesting. Fair word, fair writer.. so far.